Zero Latency launches its very first regional branch in Tawar Mall

February 25th, 2019 –

Zero Latency just opened a new venue this week in Tawar Mall and we can’t contain our joy.

We’re talking about the next generation of virtual reality entertainment coming to town.

This is the first launch of the brand in the Middle East. Zero Latency is the pioneer and global leader in warehouse scale, free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality gaming. It has more than 350,000 visitors around the world.

The concept is deeply immersive wherein visitors get a video gaming experience enhanced with free-roam virtual reality.

Just picture yourself equipped with virtual reality headsets, headphones, military-styled backpacks and state-of-the-art controllers.

You can move around freely in an empty space but what you see and hear is a hyper realistic, virtually-generated world, where all your movements are replicated in the game.

Players can talk, strategise and banter with their mates in these games designed for groups of friends, parties, families or even individual gamers.

This is the perfect space for you and a bunch of friends to head over and experience virtual reality entertainment and games like never before.

To find out more about games, pricing and location visit

Zero Latency offers a range of free-roam virtual reality games featuring heart-racing zombie attacks, galaxy space missions and family fun adventures, all playable inside BOUNCE.

If this is your first time with virtual reality gaming, try your hand at Engineerium. It’s the perfect game for beginners and is an avatar-like, fantasy world that combines platform and maze challenges.

Zombie Survival offers an unbeatable experience for thrill-seekers where players are bunkered in a fort and surrounded by masses of zombies. The challenge here is to survive till the rescue team comes.

And then there’s Singularity, where you and your friends investigate a secret military space station taking on robots and rogue drones to regain control of the installation.

Whichever game you choose, an unforgettable and unique experience is guaranteed. We’ll see you at the front lines.