Why A VR Gaming Centre Is the Perfect Place for Your Next Social Event

Most people, at some point, will have taken part in an awkward team-building activity or some kind of poorly executed social event organised for someone’s birthday. This could have been with workmates or even your closest friends. But why do many of these ”fun” ideas tend not to be that fun? 


Sometimes, it’s just the people you’re with, but in other cases, it’s that you’ve chosen the wrong activity. In this post, we discuss why VR gaming at Arena Games should be your first and only choice when planning your next office team-building activity, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, graduation party or any other group-based social activity where you want you and your team to have some real fun. 


Exit Your Comfort Zone


Spend two minutes in an adrenaline-fueled Zombie Survival session and you’ll see what people are really made of. You’ll be forced to make snap decisions, face down your fear and generally push your own boundaries as you take on crazy hordes of oncoming zombies. 


To succeed, you’ll also need to help and support each other in order to make it through the bizarre and challenging world you’ll face together.


Even for some of our games that are more “relaxing” than intense, such as Engineerium, there’s huge potential to get out of your comfort zone and truly immerse in another universe with your team. And when you do this, it’s much easier to shed the formality of first-encounters and connect with people on a more basic level where staying alive or getting the job done is your number one priority. 


You might scream, shout, cheer and even laugh your way through the game, and that’s what it’s all about — simply let go and embrace the sheer thrill of it all. 


Smash the Ice!


When you visit a VR game centre, ice is not broken, it is smashed. This means there’s no room for awkwardness when you’re fighting for survival as you must rely on your team to make it to the end of the round. 


Forget small talk, you’ll learn something new about your teammates from the sound of their screams and shouts, or the way they support you in your shared mission. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a similar team experience where you’ll get to know someone as quickly as you would in a fully immersive VR game.


This is a great foundation for future friendships or even working relationships. And when you come out, you’ll always have your first unforgettable arena-scale VR experience to bond over.




Offering people an exhilarating challenge or puzzle that tests their abilities will set your event off to a good pace. You’ll all be united by the task of trying to solve a specific problem together and will enjoy immediate comradery. 


Got a great strategy that can help your team? Share ideas and feedback with the group and enjoy working together to find creative solutions. And when it’s all over, you can put your heads together and analyse what did (or didn’t) go so well so you can smash your next attempt


It’s Fun for Everyone


Choosing an activity that is universally enjoyed by everyone is hard, especially when you’re juggling different ages and interests. A sporting activity, while being perfect for half of your team, might be a “worst nightmare” scenario for your other friends. 


The beauty of VR gaming is that anyone can jump right in and start having fun. Even newbies can quickly take first position on the scoreboard without any prior experience or training. If zombies aren’t your thing, don’t sweat it, other games like Mission Maybee, Engineerium or Singularity are perfectly suitable for anyone. 


You’re Never too Old!


You might think that VR gaming is only for youngsters, but you’ll find that this couldn’t be more wrong. Is your grandad a master of strategy? Is your aunt a pro at keeping it cool in stressful situations? These characteristics, so often exhibited by measured and level-headed seniors, are ideal for free roam VR gaming.


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Our team is always on the lookout for new VR enthusiasts. Welcoming in complete newcomers and showing them how immersive and downright fun VR games can be is truly one of the reasons we do what we do. Even for the most sceptical among you, we’ll show you a great time! 


So, if you’re looking for the perfect social activity for you and your friends or are searching for the perfect team bonding event for your company, look no further than the Arena Games virtual reality park in Dubai. 


Our VR game offerings not only provide players with an adrenaline-fuelled, realistic combat experience, or immersive exploration and problem-solving opportunities, but they’re also activities that pretty much everyone can get something out of, whether you’re a pro gamer or have never played a video game in your life.