What to Expect During Your First Visit to Arena Games VR Centre

Want to break away from the limitations of home-VR? Or perhaps you’re completely new to virtual reality and are looking for somewhere to start gaming? 


All you need to do is book a session with us at the Arena Games Dubai. You’ll need zero pre-visit skill or experience before you walk through our doors and enjoy one of the most immersive and enjoyable experiences you’ll ever encounter.


Having said this, being armed with a few tips and tricks for your first visit will always help. So whether you want to make sure you’re top of the leaderboard, or simply want to build up some confidence before you take on some killer zombies, take a look at our list of tips for smashing your first visit to our arena-scale VR centre


The Basics


Firstly, we’re one of the only VR venues in Dubai that offers free roam VR experiences. This means that players are taken inside the game and given the freedom to walk, run and interact with the virtual environments in front of them. This differs from VR experiences where the player remains standing or sitting. 


Secondly, this free roam experience will take place in what we like to call an arena scale (or epic scale) venue. This is a custom-modified gaming area where you and your team will be “free to roam” around within the in-game worlds you encounter. 


There might be walls, tunnels, alleyways and other physical elements within the games, but all this will be computer-generated. And as you and your team run around without any technical limitations or physical obstacles to stop you, things will start to feel very real very quickly. Now that’s pretty sweet if we do say so ourselves. 


What Happens When I Arrive?


We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do when you step through our doors, but below is a rough breakdown of the steps. 


  1. Arrive at the centre and meet the Arena Games team
  2. Suit up with your gear
  3. Receive instructions from our ground team (feel free to ask any questions you have here)
  4. Enter the gameplay arena
  5. Be transported into a new reality
  6. Enjoy some of the most action-packed and immersive gaming you’ve ever experienced
  7. Reluctantly accept your return to “real life”…
  8. Play again?


Explore the Games Before You Turn Up


There’s no need to go in blind. You can take a look at all our titles online or give us a call for a full breakdown of our games. We can also help recommend the best options for your friends, family or workmates based on their preferences. 


For those who want a head start, you can also find a good description of the game narratives on our site. And if you’re really clever, you’ll memorise our list of insider tips for each game. 


Do you want to ease yourself in with some extraterrestrial puzzle solving? Or are you ready to dive straight into more action-packed titles like Undead Arena? The choice is yours. 


Get Ready for the Gear


You’ll be equipped with a decent amount of gear, such as a gun controller, headset and backpack powering the VR system that keeps you from being tethered to any kind of base with wires. 


You might feel conscious about being loaded up with some pretty high-tech gear at the start, but your body will soon get used to it as you fully immerse in the gameplay. 


As there’s a decent amount of movement required, we highly recommend coming in comfortable, athletic clothing rather than your work suit or high heels. This will save you from injury as well as make it easier for you to get that high score. 


Understand How Space and Movement Work


If you’re worried about running into a wall or another player, don’t be. Each game is masterfully designed so that up to 8 people can move around comfortably without any danger of collision.


Just focus on the game at hand and trust your movements as you would in the real world. If someone’s shooting at you, dodge behind a wall or barricade. If you see a player running towards you, simply step out of the way.


The idea is to try and move as naturally as possible, even if the game requires you to walk along the ceiling…


Prepare for Gamer-to-Gamer Interaction


Shooting monsters is a lot of fun, but simply navigating the virtual world with your friends can be just as rewarding. Be prepared to communicate with other players and collaborate together to achieve your goals. 


You’ll be exploring as a group in most games, so get ready to hear your teammates shout and scream as they encounter different challenges and obstacles in the virtual world.  


Expect to Sweat a Little


Moving around in a zombie game will probably cause you to work up a sweat. If you’re interacting with the virtual world in front of you, you’ll end up getting in a nice little workout. Our advice is to make sure you’re hydrated, wear comfortable trainers and limber up! 


Remember, It’s Not Real!


Our last tip is to try to keep some perspective. You will be literally inside the game, wandering freely together with your friends in a space the size of a tennis court, so it’s easy to lose track of actual reality. And while this is the whole point, it can be a bit overwhelming as well as thrilling.


So if you’re concerned that those zombies might feel a little too real for you, try to remember that it’s all just a game! 


Some people have to adjust to VR over time and that’s completely fine. Take it at your own pace and you can always let us know if something gets a little too much. You won’t be the first person and you certainly won’t be the last. 


Step into the Unknown with Arena Games


In our games, your body becomes the controller as you inhabit a completely synchronized avatar. As you experience a combination of advanced technology, careful game design and accommodating facilities, your mind will believe that it’s all real.


It’s a unique exploration of pure imagination that allows you to interact with your friends as you navigate new worlds and challenges together. 


If this sounds good to you, contact us today to book a session. And if you’ve still got some concerns or doubts, don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask us your questions. The Arena Games team is always happy to coach newcomers on all things VR-related.