The National News Dubai, UAE- Arena Games: a new virtual reality gaming experience is coming to Dubai

A new gaming attraction that vows to take virtual reality to the next level is coming to Dubai.

Arena Games, which comprises 13 virtual games and allows up to eight players to take part at once, will open on Sunday, December 20, in DIFC’s Gate Avenue.

Arena Games’s virtual adventures range from trying to survive a zombie attack to embodying the famous assassin John Wick, a character made famous by Keanu Reeves on the big screen. There are also interactive versions of Fruit Ninja, the popular fruit-slicing mobile game, as well as Beat Saber, a virtual-reality rhythm game.


Players can choose to take part as a team or face-off against one another while exploring faraway worlds. They’ll be equipped with gaming technology that includes virtual reality headsets, headphones, military-style backpacks and guns.

Games last for various times and players need to be at least 12 years old to participate. Rooms are 128 square metres, but the virtual space is larger. There will be in-game safety mechanisms in place to prevent players from walking into things, such as walls.

“The virtual reality gaming market has been poorly served so far, concepts have tried and failed. Arena Games is the future of gaming entertainment. We understand that the experience has to be physical as well as virtual,” says Doran Davies, chief executive of Arena Games.

“People have to feel that they are fully immersed in the game. At Arena Games, we get your heart racing, your friends become allies or rivals, and you become the hero of a limitless world. This is cutting-edge gaming, hair-raising stuff.”