Multi-Game Pass



Whether you want to journey to different worlds, beat the high score in your favorite game, or you want to bring the squad along,

we’ve got you covered with our Multi-Game Pass!

Terms and Conditions

  • The Multi Game Passes are only valid for the 30 mins games( Outbreak Origins, Far Cry(+15), Singularity, Sol Raiders)
  • The validity of MGP 10 is two months
  • Player should be 12 years or above to be able to purchase the MGP
  • To use the MGP,  WhatsApp 055 615 7235  daily between 1PM-10PM
  • MGP purchases are final, non-refundable and the expiration date cannot be extended.

Virtual Reality you can’t experience anywhere else. In real life, the game space is the size of a tennis court… in the game, the worlds are endless as you play with up to 8 players with no cables to hold you back! So put on your headset, pick up your controller and get ready to step into our world!


Get ready to experience some of the most hard core games in Virtual Reality. We use the best of the best – the Vive Pro, to give you some of the richest VR experiences out there.