Undead Arena

Enter a bizarre and twisted game show where you and your friends must battle your way through several zombie-filled levels while cheered on by a blood-hungry audience in this 80s retro world of post-apocalyptic mayhem.

Game Facts:


Game Time


Game Type


15 Mins 


Shooter (Cooperative)

So You Wanna be a Champion?

Imagine you’ve qualified for a live-action competitive TV reality show, but instead of inanimate obstacles or difficult assault courses, you’re pitted against real-life zombies.


Why is this happening? You now live in a post-apocalyptic world where what’s left of humanity has fortified itself in survivor colonies and for some reason battling zombies on live television is everyone’s idea of fun. 


It’s crazy. It’s bizarre. And you might get a sense that the audience actually wants you to fail. But if you win, you’ll get all the fame and fortune you could have ever wished for. Lose and join the infected hordes — don’t say we didn’t warn you!

What to Expect?

After you suit up, you and your friends will face multiple levels filled with unique deadly challenges and lethal hazards.


Starting off in an underground bunker, you’ll gradually rise through different arenas as you take on increasingly menacing zombie waves. 


Stack up your points while you pop zombie brains and fight it out for leaderboard dominance. But don’t forget to cooperate with team members if you want to stay alive!

Reasons You’ll Come Back

  • Switch between different weapons such as shotguns, assault rifles and crossbows and enjoy mowing down zombies in your own style
  • Explore the depths of your own courage and take on unrelenting opponents 
  • Embrace one of the most fast-paced and intense zombie shooters you’ll ever have the privilege of experiencing

Pro Tips

  • Prepare yourself for untethered free-roam movement where you will actively need to shift and maneuver yourself around the map to survive. Keep exploring and look for the best vantage points
  • If you can take your mind off simply staying alive, keep an eye on the leaderboards and cycle through your weapons to maximise your kill rate!
  • Discover traps across the map and trigger them at the perfect moment to toast zombies by the dozen

Let’s Play

Make contact with us and we’ll help you organise your next raiding party or team building activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, pro-gamer or greenhorn, we want to hear from you.