Sol Raiders

Battle across three diverse and futuristic maps, complete with unique game objectives and heart-pounding player versus player (PVP) combat action. You must compete with fury to get your hands on the most valuable resource in the universe: Sol.

Game Facts:


Game Time


Game Type


30 Mins


Shooter (Player vs Player)

The Search for Sol

Earth is gone. New landscapes stretch before you with unique challenges and objectives. As your crew carves out a place for itself in this new reality searching for new opportunities and wealth, you must engage in blistering team-based combat against other raiders who will do anything they can to secure what’s left of the precious alien mineral, Sol. 

There isn’t a second to lose as your team is forced to fend off another raiding party and complete specific tasks to secure the only resource worth fighting for.

What to Expect?

The concept is simple. You’ll be split into two 4-person crews as you take each other on in three unique maps to complete missions and obliterate each other.


As you do your best to stack up the most kills without getting shot, you must coordinate with your team to get your hands on that all-important Sol you’ve been searching the galaxies for. 


This is one of the most fast-paced and intense games we have, with direct player versus player action creating the ultimate competitive virtual reality experience for up to 8 people. 

Game maps:

  • The Turbine Station
  • The Dark Wreck
  • The Mining Station

Reasons You’ll Come Back

  • See who’s top dog at the end of the session as you review the scoreboard 
  • Embrace high-intensity rapid gameplay that’s suitable for teams of both hardcore and casual gamers alike 
  • Enjoy out-of-this-world immersion in a captivating and original sci-fi narrative

Pro Tips

  • You may be a whiz with the assault rifle, but kills alone won’t help your team win. You must cooperate to complete missions if you want to come out on top
  • Look out for the tower sniping positions on levels 2 and 3!
  • Devise a logical strategy and stick to your roles. Even the simplest plan of attack will trump an unorganized team with no strategy at all

Let’s Play

Make contact with us and we’ll help you organise your next raiding party or team building activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, pro-gamer or greenhorn, we want to hear from you.