Explore an abandoned ghost ship in this awesome virtual reality title!


Fight your way through an immersive, interstellar-themed shooter where you’ll combat robots, killer drones, and cybernetic gun turrets in the narrow corridors of a military space station that went dark.

Game Facts:


Game Time


Game Type


30 Mins


Shooter (Cooperative)

A.I. Gone Rogue

As you board a secret military space station crammed with killer robots and advanced AI systems, you and your squad must investigate the mystery of what happened here. There are no signs of life and everywhere you turn a cybernetic foe wants to cut you down with a laser-powered rail gun. 


If you’ve got the nerve, you must launch an all-out campaign with your team to battle humanity’s greatest creation and use futuristic weapons to find the answers you’re looking for. It’s the man against machine and there’s no telling who will win…

What to Expect?

You’ll start the mission within a once-populated military base that has since gone dark. Armed with four weapon modes (scatter, beam, pulse rifle, or rail gun) you’ll encounter a flurry of sinister enemies who want to obliterate you.


It’s your job to make it through the ship’s corridors, transport shafts, and facilities on your path to discovering what really happened here. 


Your deployable force shield might be enough to deflect some enemy fire, but you’ll need to work closely with your team to stand up against some truly ferocious androids. They’ll do anything they can to stop you in your tracks and prevent you from discovering the truth!

Reasons You’ll Come Back

  • Embrace your favorite blast mode and wreak havoc on your robot foes without mercy
  • You’ll be able to push the boundaries of your own sense of perception as you walk on walls and navigate no-gravity zones in your space boots
  • It’s the most intense space simulation you’ll ever experience!

Pro Tips

  • You won’t survive alone so work together with your team in order to withstand enemy firepower and gain an advantage over a formidable tech-based enemy
  • Use boxes and other objects around you to get extra protection against drones and turrets
  • Come prepared with some comfy trainers and clothes. You’ll be completely transformed in your space avatar anyway and some functional gear will help you stay agile when you need to dodge out of the way of any oncoming fire! 
  • Get your hands on the scattergun as soon as you can. It’s the most powerful weapon in the game

Let’s Play

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