Zombies. Sabotage. A stolen cure. Do you have what it takes to outwit – and outlast – hordes of enemies as you fight for survival? Get ready for Outbreak, the newest adrenaline-packed adventure from Zero Latency VR.

Game Facts:


Game Time


Game Type


30 Mins (50 Mins Total Experience)


Shooter (Cooperative)


Fight For Survival

You’re guarding a research facility. Inside is the only cure for the mysterious zombie virus that has infected the globe. 

But a shadowy enemy has other plans…

When the lab is breached in an act of sabotage, it’s up to your team to unite and fight back.

Facing off against armed mercenaries and zombie hordes, do you have the courage to stop chaos in its tracks?

Team Up and Get Ready

Keep a tight grip on your nerves – and your weapons – as you navigate pitch-black sewers, scurry across high-rise rooftops and shoot your way through walls of flesh-eating foes, towards a final epic boss battle. 

Your enemy is no fool. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. 

Will the history books say the same about you and your team?

Reasons You’ll Come Back

This isn’t your standard VR shooter… Your enemy is hellbent on carnage. And the zombie hordes want your flesh. With no cables to limit your pursuit, an epic scale adventure across 10 hair-raising environments, cutting-edge graphics and multiple weapons to switch between, your fight for survival just got bolder – and the heart-pounding thrills much bigger.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…