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Mission Maybee

Navigate your way through crazy underground toxic caverns and enchanted neon-rich forests in order to reach a vibrant city ferociously guarded by Dr. Maybee’s robot tower.

Game Facts:


Game Time


Game Type


15 Mins


Adventure (Cooperative)

An Adventure for the Whole Family

You’ll be transported into the world of cult-hit graphic novel Scarygirl, developed by the acclaimed artist Nathan Jurevicius. A true feast for the eyes, you’ll find yourself in a bizarre land of infectious hazardous goo and contaminated creatures that you must navigate with a team of up to 8 people. 


Oh, and did we mention the fate of the world is in your hands? If you want to survive, you must devise a plan to take down the maniacal genius Dr. Maybee whose endeavour to create a master species of creatures threatens to poison plants, animals and ultimately cause the destruction of the entire planet.

What to Expect?

After you meet ‘Arkie’, your friendly in-game guide, you’ll receive instructions for each daring task and rescue mission involving several fun and puzzling levels. 

  • Arkie’s Treehouse
  • Abandoned Peninsula
  • The Cave
  • Infected Forest
  • Secret Cavern
  • Maybee Corp Tower

If you survive all this, you’ll end up in Dr. Maybee’s experimentation lab and the source of the world’s deadly pollution. Can you stop him?

Reasons You’ll Come Back

  • The Scarygirl universe is incredibly magical, immersive, and exciting for audiences of all ages
  • Work with friends and family and share an unforgettable fantasy experience together
  • Embrace life in a simulated world with quirky full-body avatars, allowing you embody exciting new characters

Pro Tips

  • Parents, let your kids take the lead here and enjoy seeing them take charge. This is a world where children of multiple ages can show some real initiative when forced to overcome various in-game challenges
  • Couldn’t crack it the first time? No worries, jump straight back in and don’t stop until you’ve overthrown the maniacal Dr. Maybee

Let’s Play

Make contact with us and we’ll help you organise your next raiding party or team building activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, pro-gamer or greenhorn, we want to hear from you.