You and your friends are in tropical paradise. Blue skies,sparkling waters. This is the best vacation of your life! Until you get captured by iconic villain Vaas and his pirates, a bored, sadistic bunch. You need to get off this island fast – while being hunted for sport.



Game Time


Game Type


30 Mins 


Shooter (Cooperative)

Immerse Yourself In The Madness

Bright, silky sand sifts between your toes. Good friends, great times and not a care in the world.
That’s exactly how this trip was going before your group was captured and imprisoned by Vaas and his small army of henchmen. 
Vaas and his crew get bored really quickly. Hungry for entertainment, this innovative gang has added a twist -you and your friends are about to be hunted.

What to Expect?

What starts off as a tropical vacation quickly transcends into a battle for survival as the maniacal villain Vaas and his henchmen drive you and your friends to the depths of insanity.  As you journey from holiday to hell, you will be tested to unimaginable levels, as you wade through the lush Rook Island. Every weapon, every instinct takes you one step closer to staying alive.

This is the ultimate open-world first-person shooter experience where open world FPS engine meets unmatched storytelling in the world of Far Cry 3. 

Reasons You’ll Come Back

  • If you love open-world shooter games, this is truly the ultimate experience where you reinvent yourself as a survivalist 
  • The graphics truly create an immersive experience where you live and breathe the character 
  • The additional plus of an amazing storyline is what Far Cry does best – it will definitely have you craving for more!

Pro Tips

  • Remember that the key to survival is to make use of the full range of weaponry; don’t be afraid to use the crossbow
  •  Only way to get ahead of these ruthless pirates is finding opportunities to get rid of them in bulk! Shoot the barrels to blow up the henchmen.
  • Don’t just stand there and shoot! Make sure you’re always on the go, so you don’t become toast!

Let’s Play

Make contact with us and we’ll help you organise your next raiding party or team building activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, pro-gamer or greenhorn, we want to hear from you.