The most fantastical puzzle game you’ll ever play. Suspended above an alien ocean in a perplexing world where gravity doesn’t function as it should, you and your team must overcome otherworldly tasks to complete your mission and rejoin your clan.

Game Facts:


Game Time


Game Type


15 Mins


Adventure (Cooperative)

Open Your Mind

Take your senses on a journey as you escape into a captivating extraterrestrial world where you are now an ethereal alien who must work together with your clan to ascend through a mind-bending, mystical world. 


There’s a lot you won’t understand when you arrive, but as you strive to overcome each challenge, you’ll learn about the new magical realm that surrounds you. Your journey won’t be easy and the environment around you will test your ability to coordinate mind and body, but there’s endless beauty all around so don’t forget to pause and simply take it all in!

What to Expect?

In completely new alien bodies, you and your team will enter a platform designed to challenge your perception of reality. You’ll encounter various puzzles that you must negotiate together as a team using visual clues and teamwork.


Your job is to overcome several mystifying tasks so that you can be reunited with your tribe. With colorful characters, vibrant visuals, and captivating soundtracks, this one’s suitable for all ages and especially great for families who want to test their communication skills!

Reasons You’ll Come Back

  • Scratch your puzzle-solving itch on an interdimensional level where your standard perception of space and movement is tested
  • It will make you feel like you’re actually standing on the ceiling! 
  • Even after you’ve completed the puzzle (if you’re lucky) you’ll probably want to go again just to take in all the beautiful surroundings and colorful creatures

Pro Tips

  • Take as many steps as possible, even when you are on a moving platform. Moving around will help you to get points.  
  • Don’t forget to take a look above you and find your teammates!

Let’s Play

Make contact with us and we’ll help you organise your next raiding party or team building activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, pro-gamer or greenhorn, we want to hear from you.