Beat Saber

Slash through beats of adrenaline-pumping music as futuristic neon cubes come hurling towards you. It’s the ultimate rhythm game  — expertly combining immersive visual stimulation with audio extravagance.

Game Facts:


Game Time


Game Type


15 Mins


Arcade / Rhythm

Master the Beat

It’s dark, it’s strange and you’ve got some bizarre lightsabers in your hands… But as your ears are filled with alluring music and bass that fills you to your core, there’s nothing for you to do but slash those sabers through each incoming wave of neon cubes. This multi-award-winning VR rhythm game takes your senses for a ride as you’re propelled through several sensational difficulty levels. 

What to Expect?

Each beat is visually represented by a neon cube you must slash your sabers through to keep moving forward. Your only goal is to keep that music pumping by slicing up anything that comes in your direction. 


But don’t forget to use the right coloured saber to match the cube and swipe each object in the right direction! 


As well as testing your reflexes and hand-eye-coordination here, you’ll need to tap into the rhythm of the music and predict the patterns of oncoming cubes as each track rises and falls.

Reasons You’ll Come Back

  • It’s hard not to love the perfect harmony between the music and gameplay
  • It’s like a supersized and fully-loaded version of your favorite hyper-casual arcade game — you’ll want to keep coming back to beat your last score
  • Beat Saber will give you a surprisingly vigorous workout without you even realizing it

Pro Tips

  • In the pauses between beats, plan for where your swords will need to be in order to hit the cubes with the correct directional swing
  • Don’t lose focus. When you miss once, it’s hard not to miss a few more before you recover your composure
  • Watch out for the occasional bomb!

Let’s Play

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