We are the future of virtual reality entertainment! The world’s best gaming arena. We have incredible virtual reality games, that break physical and social barriers. Wanna play?

Zero Latency is the main developer of our games and the world’s leader in virtual reality entertainment. They develop the greatest VR games ever! You have to play the games to understand what we mean.

HTC VIVE is a virtual reality headset developed by HTC that has some of the best VR games available, with some of the world’s best game developers working on new games all the time. At The Arena Games, we use VIVE Pro headsets to bring you unforgettable experiences.

After you’ve booked your experience on our website or at our venue, you will be given a time to arrive. Make sure that you arrive at least 20 mins before your start time so you don’t miss your experience. Once you arrive, you will be suited up with a backpack, goggles, a headset and be shown how the controller works. After that, prepare for take off as you’re transported on your adventure. Once you’re back to reality, our staff will help you take your gear off. We’ll be ready to welcome you on your next adventure as you’ll definitely want to be back for more!

You need to be at least 12 years of age. Our equipment size means that children under 12 won’t have an optimal experience. If you are playing Far Cry VR, you must be 15 year or older.

You can book online at thearenagames.com or at our venue. You can also buy your ticket at Virgin Megastore in the UAE. The easiest way is to click on the big purple button on the bottom of the screen!

Each adventure is a different length. Please refer to the game description for experience details.

Always check your junk mail as sometimes emails get filtered there! If you still have not received a booking confirmation after an hour, your payment might not have been processed. Check with your bank. If your payment was processed, get in touch with us via email or via our Contact Center.

Please refer to our full refund/cancellation policy here.

Up to 8 people can play at once. The more people that can join your session the better!

This is an active experience so please make sure you wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear (e.g. no high heels). We also recommend not wearing mascara as it can smudge the lens and impact your experience.

Yes. In game play engages a significant range of motion. You need to be comfortable with movements such as kneeling, bending over, looking up, sitting down, walking, stretching, full range of arm movement etc. If you’re comfortable with this, then we’re happy for you to play.

Yes, however please ensure none are loose fitting or can get caught on clothing, backpack, or controller when playing the games. If in doubt, leave it at home, in your car or with a friend or relative. Arena Games does not take any responsibility for jewelry, watches or other personal belongings.

No. Please do not take phones into the games space. There’s nothing worse than a phone ringing to ruin a virtual experience for yourself or other players. It’ll only be for a short while, so leave it at home, in the car, locker or with a friend.

Yes, we provide lockers free of charge. Please note: we do not take any responsibility for items left in the lockers or brought into the Arena Games venue. You assume all risks of theft, damage, loss or other issues occurring with your items whilst on Arena Games property. We will do our best to secure items placed in our lockers during game time, however we cannot guarantee their security. If in doubt, leave it at home, in the car or with friends.

Glasses cannot be worn in this experience. We recommend that you wear contacts as glasses can scratch and damage the headset lenses.
Our headsets have adjustment tabs under each lens so that players without contact lenses can adjust the focus of the headsets to compensate for approximately +1 to -3.8 dioptries.

There is much more to the experience than playing the game! Our game masters will first gear you up and give you a crash course so you can have the best experience. After your game, our team will also help take your gear off and show you to the highscore board so you can see if you were the champion! The game time refers to the actual length of the game. The experience time is the total time with briefing and game time.

Yes, all sessions can be made Ladies only, mixed or male only. When booking, should you wish for lady or male only you will need to book all available (8) slots online. Alternatively, if you book on arrival, you should request a ladies or male only session. Our team will try to accommodate you on the next available session. If insufficient females or males are available, you may have to wait multiple sessions for the next female or male only slot to become available.

If we have available space in the next time slot, you’ll be able to play then. If we are full, unfortunately there’s no refund as the session was booked for you and we were unable to sell it to another customer (just like a movie theater, if you miss the start, we can’t re-start the experience). Customers arriving even 5 minutes after the start time will not be able to play the session currently running as this will have a negative impact on all other players.

Please make sure you arrive at the venue 20 minutes before your allocated time slot so as to ensure you can be relaxed prior to being taken to the “briefing” area for the start of your game.

For safety reasons anyone with the following impairment/medical conditions are not able to play:

  • Epilepsy and similar seizure disorders
  • Severe vision impairment
  • Deaf or severe hearing loss
  • Broken leg or arm, or any other significant limb impairment
  • Wheelchair users.

Our experiences are not recommended for anyone with the following impairment/medical conditions:

  • Heart conditions
  • More than 7 months pregnant
  • People with vision in one eye are able to play.

We release sessions 4-6 weeks in advance. If the date you are looking for is not available, do not panic! Get in touch with us or follow us on social media to keep updated with our release dates.

Generally no. Every part of the system is designed to give you an immersive experience without any of the motion sickness typically associated with virtual reality systems. Only 0.02% of our players have not been able to play due to motion sickness.

No. We have in-game safety mechanisms and a Game Master to stop that happening. It is always up to you to pay attention and follow all instructions to remain safe and ensure you don’t walk into a wall.

You will have 128 square meters of game space, but the virtual space is much larger. We reuse the space with some nifty tricks we have developed.

There is free parking on Al Sukouk Street, right next to Liberty House and Gate Avenue Zone D entrance. Check our location page for a map to our venue.