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You’re one step away to booking your game. The below Zero Latency experiences can be booked online:

Undead Arena                        AED 90
Outbreak Origins                  AED 115
Singularity                              AED 115
Zombie Survival                    AED 90
Sol Raiders                              AED 115

Engineerium                           AED 90

Mission Maybee                   AED 90

Take your experience with you and show your friends!        AED 50 with USB

The following HTC VIVE games are only available for booking in-venue. 

Beat Saber                               

Fruit Ninja                                

Arizona Sunshine                 

John Wick Chronicles           

Richie’s Plank Experience  

Epic Rollercoaster                

Space Pirate Trainer            

Tales of Escape                     

In-Venue Only

AED 60/30 MINS, AED 100/1 HR


Is your clan over 8 people? Want to bond with your colleagues over a zombie slaying afternoon followed by a bite to eat?

Whether it’s a special occasion or you want to bring your entire clan, we’ve got you covered. Check out or corporates page and fill out the form to start an unforgettable adventure!