5 Reasons Gamers Need to Get off their Consoles and Visit a VR Game Centre!

Gamers game for many different reasons, but one of the major motivators is the desire to lose oneself in another world for a few hours. Whether it’s immersing in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) or some kind of addictive puzzle game on your mobile, you all know what it’s like to transcend your own reality for a brief period.


But when it comes to immersiveness and disconnecting from your day-to-day, there’s nothing that now exists that even comes close to diving into an arena scale VR game centre and embracing the many wonders it has to offer.


You know that feeling you get after playing your favourite title and you actually forget where you are? And then you switch off and are reluctantly jerked back to reality, but your thoughts are still wrapped up in the world of your game? This happens pretty much every time you visit a virtual reality gaming centre. 


Even for the most seasoned VR troopers, you always get that “Oh, I’m back” feeling when you complete a session of Undead Arena, Singularity or any of our other great Zero Latency games at Arena Games. For this reason alone, all gamers need to try a VR game park, but, if you still need convincing, we’ve included a few more reasons below! 


More Risk, More Reward


There’s risk involved in most games, whether that’s dying and losing the loot you’ve collected because of a poorly executed raiding party or looking like an idiot in front of your peers when you’re the first one to get eliminated in a PVP match. 


For those of you who get a kick out of high risk, high reward gameplay, VR gaming is the ultimate experience. When you’re fully immersed in the game narrative and intricately synchronised with your avatar, everything feels more real. For example, if you’re running for your life as zombies chase you and you are actually able to physically run within a wireless free roam venue, that feeling of risk amplifies tenfold. 


Even for less brutal games like Engineerium or Mission Maybee, the connection between yourself and the world you’re inhabiting is so much stronger than you’ve ever experienced. Winning and losing means so much more. 


Immersiveness that Beats Real Life


Strap in, gear up and say hello to a whole new world. You could be in a dark alleyway of post-apocalyptic Earth, or deep in the bowels of a military space station — the immersiveness you’ll experience with free roam VR is unbeatable.


It’s not just the high level of graphic detail that game developers are now showcasing, or the great game narratives. It’s the way that your body is at one with the world around you. When you look down at your feet and see robotic boots instead of your white trainers, or you look at your friend and they’re adorned with an ethereal gown, you’ll really feel like you’re there. 


Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been able to provide good levels of immersion for a while, but it’s only now that new venues, carefully designed games and wireless headsets are allowing the mass public to jump into crazy new worlds and enjoy the technology exactly how it was designed to be used, without any cables or walls to worry about. 


Vivid Exploration Opportunities


Through various quests and objectives, VR games let you explore in-game landscapes and as well as your own potential as a virtual traveller. But you don’t even need to do any quests. The opportunities for environmental exploration are amazing.


Fans of RPGs like Fallout or Zelda who just love being able to roam around and explore a whole new landscape where everything is aligned under one appealing theme will find similar enjoyment in pretty much any free roam VR game. As you jump in, you’ll be able to use your own body as the controller and welcome a whole new dimension of discovery and interactivity with your new environment. 


Truly Test Yourself


Every competitive video game requires good hand-eye coordination, fast reflexes, quick decision making and strategy. These skills take time to develop and truly great eSport gamers are equal to athletes in their ability to master certain in-game movements and actions.


As such, VR games test you in a way you’ve never experienced. And as you level up your skills and find more strategic, effective ways to navigate each game world, you’re constantly improving yourself. For those who think they’re masters of COD, visit a VR game centre and see how your shooter skills really stand up. 


VR games also challenge the strength of your team skills more vigorously. There’s so much communication involved and not finding ways to work together with your fellow teammates will result in failure for everyone. If you think you’re a natural leader, a VR game centre is the perfect place for you to test your abilities. 


It Can be Relaxing (No, Really!)


Play one session of Engineerium and you’ll know what we mean by VR games being relaxing. When your senses are taken over by a bright and entrancing new world, you’ll find yourself moving to a more peaceful, calm pace.


Even for more action-packed games, there’s still a huge amount of relaxation you can enjoy. When the real world is increasingly chaotic and stressful, there’s nothing like immersing yourself in a captivating VR experience. It’s a bit like going for a jog and blasting through a stress ball and then coming out feeling like a completely different human being. 


It’s Not an Either-Or Situation


Not all games are suitable for all people. That’s obvious. Your favourite PS4, Xbox, Nintendo or PC titles will probably always have an important place in your life, especially when you want to game anonymously from the comfort of your own home.


However, for all the reasons we mentioned above, and a few more we’ll let you experience on your own, it’s a no brainer that all gamers should take up VR gaming at least once in their life. The level of immersion, interactivity, excitement and overall enjoyment will make your visit more than worth it.


If you’re looking to experience the very best of virtual reality gaming in Dubai, drop by Arena Games!